name: The Princess Pink-Rose

bedtime story

size: 4 pages

Once upon a time,  if not I could not tell you that in a small valley called the Valley of Roses, shielded by the high slopes of two majestic mountain ranges: The Good Mountain and The Bad Mountain lived a old King and his wife. They have prayed for years to have a child, but can`t have one. The King and the Queen were very unhappy as the years passed and the kingdom will need an heir to keep peace in the world because the Valley of Roses separates the good from the bad…

price: 5 euro

cod: 011

name: Hope and her brothers

bedtime story

size: 3 pages

Once upon a time when the time was measured in hourglass with fairy dust, in an old castle with seven towers, near to the sea lived a royal family with seven kids. King Blue had seven sons, all tall and good looking, with blond curly hair and blue eyes and a beautiful wife, pregnant with his eighth child.In one day…

price: 5 euro

cod: 012


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